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Back-Home Brick Chili

Back-Home Brick Chili

One of our most popular items! Made with all beef, chili con carne from a 100-year-old recipe. Our secret spice blend makes this one of our most famous products! Great on a hotdog, great in a bowl. Discover chili done the “Oklahoma Way”. No fillers or additives.

Taste Tags: Rich, Tomatoey, Spicy, Robust Garlic, Hints of Cumin & Coriander, Beefy Available Sizes: 1 lb. “Brick” ($5.50) 2, 5 lb. “Bricks” ($50.00) **BEST VALUE**

*Ship to your desired location! *Pick-ups also available for nearby residents!


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Our Chili is Rich, Tomatoey and slightly spicy. Made from a 100-year-old recipe, Schwab’s chili is made with all beef, chili con carne and a secret spice blend with no additives or fillers. This is one of our most famous products you are sure to love! Enjoy our chili in a bowl or put it on a hot dog.

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