Smoked Sausages

Maple Smoked Sausage
Our Maple Smoked Sausage is a delight for your taste buds, thanks to the perfect balance of the sweet maple flavor and our real hardwood hickory smoke. This sausage was created with comfort in mind and is sure to become a go-to favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We pride ourselves on keeping our sausages free from any fillers, ensuring that every bite delivers the utmost quality for your enjoyment!

Gluten & Allergen Free Taste Tags: Old-Fashioned Maple, Sweet, Savory, Smokey, Mild Spice

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Schwab’s Old-School Franks
Smoked naturally over real hardwood hickory our 'real school house' Franks are an Oklahoma stable. We've kept the same recipe since 1912. We use only the highest quality beef and pork. Throw them on the grill, heat them in a pan, or put them in a pot of water for a delicious hot dog.
Schwab’s World Famous Hot Links
The best hotlink you'll ever try! Schwab Hot Links are our number one seller and for good reason. We make them with the highest quality lean beef and pork. No fillers found here and they are complete with real hardwood hickory smoke. Our hot links are perfect for a family barbecue. Fire up the grill and you are sure for a fantastic time.
Schwab’s Thunder Dog
If you are from Oklahoma, odds are you’ve eaten one of our famous hotdogs. Using only the highest quality pork and beef, we smoke them over real hardwood hickory smoke, just the way its been done since 1912. By keeping out all fillers, we ensure the highest quality wiener around! Find them at a OKC Thunder Basketball Game or bring them home with you for a perfect barbecue.
Cajun-Style Rope Andouille Sausage
Our spicy Cajun-Style all beef rope sausage is made with a genuine, all natural casing. It is spicy, peppery, and perfect for gumbo, jambalaya or is ready to be eaten on its own! Transport yourself to Louisiana and with Oklahoman flair. Real hardwood hickory smoke finishes the andouille sausage for you to love.
Jalapeno Cheddar Smoked Sausage
Made with fresh, farmer's market jalapeño, real cheddar cheese and real hardwood hickory smoke, our Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage has become a fan favorite. This authentically fresh sausage slightly spicy and delivers massive flavor with each bite.
European Polish Sausage
Since we opened in 1912 Schwab's Polish Sausage is made by using the best beef and pork with real hickory smoke. We've kept that recipe standard since opening delivering a delicous, authentic Polish Sausage. We dare you to find something better.
Old-World German Bratwurst
Dive into our mouthwatering German Style Bratwurst. Made with pork, fresh green onion, and an all natural case this brat will have you dreaming about spending time in Germany. Our founder brought this recipe to Oklahoma and has kept it standard for 100 years as a consistent, delicious brat. Throw it on the grill or in the oven and you will love what you've got.
Authentic Oklahoma Smoked Sausage
Ready to be a delicious hit at your barbeque, pick up a pack of Schwab's Half-Pound Smoked Sausage. Made only with the highest quality beef and pork and smoked over real hardwood hickory smoke, our sausages will deliver the "pop" you're looking for.