Also known as the Thunder Dog, our hot dogs are beloved by all OKC Thunder fans and Oklahomans everywhere.

  • 100% real ground spices from a 100-year-old recipe
  • The original Schwab product
  • Highest quality beef – no fillers
  • Sold at Sam’s Club, Walmart, Homeland and Uptown

Old-World Bratwursts

The all natural case gives this 100 year-old recipe a juicy pop of flavor like fireworks going off in your mouth.

  • Original recipe brought over by George Peter Schwab
  • All lean pork with fresh green onions and ground spices
  • True, authentic-style German bratwurst
  • Sold at Braum’s Fresh Market

Old-School Franks

An Oklahoma staple since 1912, our ‘real school house’ franks belong on a bun with some mustard.

  • All lean beef and pork
  • No additives – no filters
  • Same recipe and spice blend from George Peter Schwab
  • Sold at most local grocery stores and Walmart