Who doesn’t love a good tailgating cookout before a big game, and who says you have to be at the game to tailgate? All you need is Schwab on the grill and the game on the TV, and you’re all set for a great homegating experience. Whatever kind of game day grub you’re looking to throw on the grill Schwab Meat has got your carnivorous cravings covered. Aside from the regular hot dogs on a bun, here are a few more super simple homegating recipes.

Mixed Sausage Kabobs

Featuring Schwab’s legendary Hot Links, spicy Jalapeño Cheddar Sausages and traditional Polish Sausages, all you need to add is some red onion, okra and bread cheese. They also taste great with a local Anthem IPA.

Grilled Bologna Sliders

An homage to everyone’s childhood, our Grilled Bologna Sliders are ideal for serving to a crowd. Simply cut and grill Schwab’s Fancy Garlic Bologna, add American cheese and then stack it on a slider bun with red onion, sweet relish, mayo and mustard. Lastly, wash it all down with a cold, Coop Native Amber Beer.

Double Smoked Turkey Legs

Give into your truly carnivorous side and sink your teeth into Schwab’s Smoked Turkey Legs. Simply order your turkey legs from Schwab and then smoke them for another 2-4 hours in your own smoker. It’s so easy and so good with a Choc 1919 American Wheat Beer.

Brick Chili Nachos

If you want to give your grill a break you can always go for the classic chili nachos with Schwab’s Back-Home Brick Chili. All you need to do is heat up our famous Brick Chili in a pot and then pile it on a bowl of chips and deliciously melted cheese. Go the extra mile by adding fresh toppings like jalapeño, cilantro and black beans.

Let's Get To 'Gating!

Make sure you’re ready for the next game, and order all your game day grilling essentials through Schwab. If you decided to make any grub on game day using Schwab’s premium, hickory smoked meats, snap a picture and share it on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram – @schwabmeat.