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Schwab's Hickory Smoked Bone-In Ham

Schwab’s famous Hickory Smoked Hams are unsurpassed in flavor. Each ham is hand selected and hand trimmed. Finally, it’s cured and smoked all day over real hardwood hickory for up to 10 hours. Fully cooked, simply heat and eat. A must have for The Holidays.

Taste Tags: Extra Smokey, Hints of Sweetness, Savory, Tender Available Sizes: Half – 7-8.5 lbs. ($32.00) Half – 8.5 -10 lbs. ($36.00) Whole – 15-17 lbs. ($54.00) Whole – 17-19 lbs. ($59.00) **BEST VALUE**

*Ship to your desired location! *Pick-ups also available for nearby residents!

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1) Naturally Hickory Smoked for up to 10 hours.
2) Fully cooked, heat & eat.
3) No water added
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